News May 5, 2017   |  WORDS: John Yong

Unlucky Sneakerhead Receives a Moldy Pair of Supreme x Nike “Suptempo”

And boy is he pissed.

Taking to Instagram, sneakerhead @remzashoedle showcased his moldy pair of “Suptempo” to express his frustration. Who could blame him when the shoes cost a pretty penny (approx.S$269)?

“When you think you got a dope pick up but turns out your shit is thrashed even before you take em out the box,” said remzashoedle in one post – presumably after he first unboxed the shoes.

“This is so fucking frustrating. Yes it’s only a pair of shoes but still…really hoping @supremenewyork will at least answer my email,” he captioned in another.

According to Sneakernews, the mold might have been caused by the damp atmosphere in which the shoes were stored before shipping. There has been no word from Nike or Supreme just yet.

The “Suptempo” was dropped last Thursday, April 27.

Check out his photo aboves and let us know what you think.

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