Bape Singapore 20th Anniversary T-shirt Launch

Bape Singapore 20th Anniversary T-shirt Launch

Recap: On May 4th, Bape Singapore launched the NOWHERE / A Bathing Ape 20th Anniversary T-shirt.

By Haikal Abu Bakar
Photos by Marc Tan

Bape Singapore launched the NOWHERE / A Bathing Ape 20th Anniversary T-shirt last Saturday. To commemorate two decades of longevity, Nigo collaborated with 19 international artists who are close to the brand, to each produce a special Ape Head design. The artists involved in this special project are:

Daisuke Obana
Hiroshi Ito
James Lavelle
Jun Takahashi
Kanye West
Masaaki Homma
Masamichi Katayama
Kogi “Poggy” Motofumi
Pharrell Williams
Shinsuke Takizawa
Show Ayanocozey
Takashi Kumagai
Tetsu Nishiyama
Tsuyoshi Noguchi

Kudos to those who managed to land their hands on this exclusive piece!

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