A Beginner’s Guide to Raw Denim

A Beginner’s Guide to Raw Denim

How would you like to have a pair of jeans that ages beautifully the more you wear them? It’s possible with raw denim! Read this guide to find out how.


Don’t let its plain appearance fool you, raw denim has the potential to help you make a strong fashion statement (Image credits: rawrdenim.com)

You probably have friends who rave about their raw denim jeans. They talk about how they’re gonna wear it for months on end without washing to obtain awesome fades and creases. While it sounds disgusting, you can’t help but look down at your own pair of jeans and wonder if you are missing out on something…

The truth is, raw denim is very much like leather. Both materials share good aging characteristics, which means they look better with each wear/use. Little maintenance work is required and the toughest part is wearing the raw denim as often as possible while resisting the urge to throw it in the washer. If you’d rather buy a pair of jeans with a fade finish, that’s fine. But if you’re up to the challenge of creating a pair that’s unique to you, then you’ve found the right place to get started.

This guide is by no means the bible of all things denim, but it proffers to guide you through the essentials to get you started on your raw denim journey.

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