A Beginner’s Guide to Raw Denim

A Beginner’s Guide to Raw Denim

Soak it up


A big basin works too if you don’t have a bathtub handy (Image credits: denimhunters.com)

Skip this step if your raw denim jeans are sanforized – they’re good to go. Otherwise, you’ll need to soak your raw denim to shrink it prior to your first wear. If you’ve got a bathtub, fill it with warm water and lay your jeans inside-out flat in the tub. It may tend to float so weigh it down with bottles or glasses. Leave it for an hour or two to soak (and shrink), before hanging it out to dry.

For a better fit yet, wear the jeans and hop around in the bathtub. Soak your lower body for the same duration before drying them. No bathtub? No problem. Wear the jeans and thoroughly soak them with water with your showerhead. Take a seat in the bathroom while it soaks and hangs to dry after an hour. It’s that simple. Sounds crazy, but it works, trust us.

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