Best Air Jordans available under retail

Best Air Jordans available under retail

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Not all retro Air Jordans are equal and that applies to their resale prices as well. Here are some of the best Air Jordans that have flown under the radar and are now available for under retail. 


From basketball icons to streetwear staples

Air Jordans are one of the first sneakers to crossover from the NBA basketball courts to the world of fashion and pop culture. With consistent storytelling and marketing by Nike, the Air Jordan line soon became more than functional footwear. The “Banned” ads lent the Air Jordan 1 a rebellious energy while its appearances in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Do the Right Thing, Looney Tunes and Space Jam solidified its presence in households all across the world. Plus, they showed how the sneaker could be worn off-court as lifestyle sneakers for everyday. 

Air Jordans re-emerged as one of the most popular sneaker franchises in the late 2010s thanks to a series of choice collaborations with icons like Hiroshi Fujiwara and the late Virgil Abloh. The docu-series Last Dance (2020) and the movie Air (2023), both of which recount Jordan’s rise to fame and, of course, the redevelopment of the Air Jordan 1, have added to the hype around the Air Jordan footwear.

Invested in the hype

Today, the retro line is catered to people invested in the hype that surrounds Air Jordan sneakers and Jordan’s legacy as an NBA player. Specific colorways stand out as they are replicas of the originals worn by MJ or are tied to collaborations with key figures in the streetwear world. This preference for the “OG” colorways and collabs means some releases are just more coveted than others, which leads to these shoes fetching high prices in the secondary markets. 

Womens’ Air Jordans

Women too have caught the Air Jordan bug. In fact, womens’ Air Jordans are just as desirable and anecdotes have been shared about guys trying to squeeze into women exclusive Jordans! Available in an array of covetable colorways, women’s Air Jordans boast great design and stories. Some examples include designs by Aleali May, Melodie Ehsani, and Chi Loyzaga for Titan, Philippines. 

Own the look without the hype 

While hyped releases are desirable for a reason, there are general release (GR) retros of Air Jordan that are worth considering, but often go unnoticed. They offer the same timeless appeal without the hype that drives up demand and resale prices. Some even arrive with materials that can rival their more popular counterparts and colors more suited for modern streetwear sensibilities. 

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Below is a list of the best Air Jordans that are currently available under their retail price. They offer the same timeless design and performance features without the hefty price tag. The price point shouldn’t stop you from getting a pair of Jordan! 

The best Air Jordans that are currently available for under retail:

Product: Wmns Air Jordan 2 Retro Low ‘NC to Chi’
Retail price: S$249
Avg resale price: S$136 (US9) 


Product: Wmns Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Reverse Laney’
Retail price: S$269
Avg resale price: S$148 (US6)


Product: Air Jordan 1 KO Low ‘Panda’
Retail price: S$209
Avg resale price: S$124 (US9)


Product: Union LA x Air Jordan 2 Retro SP ‘Rattan’
Retail price: S$269
Avg resale price: S$216 (US9)


Product: Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Heritage’
Retail price:  S$269
Avg resale price: S$212 (US9)


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