Big Softie: This Illustrator Paints Kanye West’s Softer Side

Big Softie: This Illustrator Paints Kanye West’s Softer Side

And he’s never looked more lovable.

Big Softie by Ash Schmitt imagines Kanye West's soft side

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Big Softie, a book by Australian illustrator Ash Schmitt, imagines Kanye West as a sensitive new age guy.

Big Softie imagines Kanye West as a resident cutie on the block, fleshed out over 28 pages of pastel-toned fun. The controversial rapper is given a 2D pastel-toned treatment and a personality transplant.

In the book he isn’t the man who cut his concerts short to rant and give support to the president-elect. In fact, in one scenario, his character is portrayed as the POTUS himself. He is also portrayed riding ice cream trucks, attending ballet classes and cuddling a soft toy.

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Since the news of Kanye’s hospitalization broke, we’ve been left low-key concerned that West’s condition might take a turn for the worse. We wish the best for him and his family.

Check out the rest of Ash’s work here.

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