Biker Mice From Mars Makes a Comeback on iOS & Android

Biker Mice From Mars Makes a Comeback on iOS & Android

A childhood favorite from the 90s, the cartoon series has been revived in the form of a video game for smartphones.

Remember Biker Mice From Mars, the animated TV series from the 90s that featured a trio of motorcycle-riding Martian mice saving Chicago from the clutches of a scheming business tycoon? Well, the rodent superheroes are finally back, in the form of a video game for iOS and Android.

Players can choose from one of the Biker Mice – Throttle, Modo or Vinnie – and ride through the streets of Chicago, following trails or battling enemies through tap and swipe controls. Complete a level and the next installment of the storyline unfolds. There’s even an endless mode, in which players compete for high scores or collect coins to unlock rewards.

The game developers over at 9th Impact have also kept the game up-to-date, with tongue-in-cheek references to the real world. One level pokes fun at a recent movie franchise, while another features a billionaire character who’s running for President.

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Biker Mice From Mars is set to go live on the App Store and Google Play Store at 3am EST (4pm SGT) later today.

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