“Blame!” Anime Film Adaptation Available Through Netflix

“Blame!” Anime Film Adaptation Available Through Netflix

Blame!, the hit manga that ran from 1997 to 2003, will be adapted into a Netflix Original anime film to be released globally.


Blame! will be available to fans around the world via Netflix soon. The anime adaptation is the result of a deal between Netflix and Polygon Pictures.

Blame! is set in a dystopian future, where remnants of the human race dwell within a labyrinth called the Megastructure. The story follows the mysterious Killy, an individual who’s on a quest to save humanity from impending extinction.

The award-winning creator of Blame!, Tsutomu Nihei, has worked with director Hiroyuki Seshita to create this anime. The duo have previously partnered on Knights of Sidonia, a sci-fi anime series that got its start as a manga too.


Both shows will be released in cutting-edge high dynamic range (HDR) format, a milestone for the anime industry.

Watch the YouTube announcement clip below and stay tuned for a concrete release date:

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