Bobby Hundreds Releases Free for Use Graphics in Response to Fascism

Bobby Hundreds Releases Free for Use Graphics in Response to Fascism

Pro-tip: Print these graphics onto a t-shirt, socks, or as patches for free Bobby Hundreds merch.

Featured photo: Instagram/Bobby Kim

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If you could only see my computer desktop right now and all the Nazi filth I had to dig up to work on these graphics. It looks like the kid’s bedroom in American History X. I’m definitely on some FBI watch list now. I’m giving you all this art for free. The raw, hi-res files are downloadable in my bio. Yes, you have permission to print your own T-shirts or signs. If you are attending a counter-protest this weekend, please stay safe and alert. I wish we could work together on something else this year instead of re-hashing all this tired, racist BS. Imagine all we could accomplish in 2017 if we could focus on the future. Like avocado-flavored toast (kill 2 birds with 1 stone) or Mute button for Instagram (please). I can’t even get excited for the new Star Wars movie, this totally sucks.

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Fight bigotry and hate with these free, downloadable high resolution graphics created by designer Bobby Hundreds.

Available since August 19, the graphics feature a series of anti-Nazi ideology with wordplay like, “Not Okkk” and “Don’t Be a Dickkk”.

Bobby Hundreds, a.k.a. Bobby Kim, is giving fans permission to print these high-res graphics onto t-shirts, signs, and any other merch.

Each download contains two sets of folders – one is “Raw Images”, which contains images in Photoshop (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format; the other titled “Instagram” contains social media ready graphics that are an upload away.

Some have acted real fast. Case Nerd has already turned the graphics into a series of phone cases that are going for US$25 (approx. S$34) a pop – but all proceeds go to the American Civil Liberties Union, a non-profit organization “devoted to protecting the rights of everyone in America”.

Start downloading the graphics here before the WeTransfer goes dead!

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