Bobby Kim Changes Streetwear Game with New “Jennifer” Brand

Bobby Kim Changes Streetwear Game with New “Jennifer” Brand

Bobby Kim, co-founder of The Hundreds, launches Jennifer, a women’s streetwear line that’s also suitable for men.

Bobby Kim’s new streetwear brand, Jennifer, is named after one of the most popular names of the early eighties.

The Hundreds co-founder insists that this new brand is not a gimmick nor a fad. Instead, he wants to make a line that would simultaneously change women’s streetwear game and yet be comfortable enough for men to wear.

“It’s become even more popular within men’s streetwear for women to wear it and wear it well. But more often than not, you don’t see it so much the other way around where men are wearing something that is intended and targeted for women and wearing it comfortably and owning it” he said to Los Angeles Times.

Launched two days ago, the Jennifer brand is currently limited to three hoodies. They are available in watermelon, black and light gray, and priced at US$140 each. To add to the hype, there will only be 40 pieces per outfit up for grabs.

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In addition, Bobby Kim is tackling the Middle Eastern streetwear market by doing a collaboration with Dubai streetwear label, Amongst Few. The collection will consist of eight types of apparel, including a coach’s jacket, hoodie, baseball cap and t-shirt. More on that when it’s unveiled.

Shop apparel from Jennifer via its official website and keep yourself updated by following it on Instagram.

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