Brad Hall’s Returns With Another Epic Unboxing Video

Brad Hall’s Returns With Another Epic Unboxing Video

Brad Hall is back with his sneaker unboxing video series and this is perhaps his best yet.


The gloves, the rotating display, the shoehorn. Brad Hall has it all sorted out when it comes to blessing the world with his “Michael Air Jordan” unboxing videos. In this third episode, he reviews the Air Jordan XI “Legend Blue”, which he dubs “the best Michael Air Jordan sneaker there is”. Here’s what we learnt from Brad’s latest video:

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1. The Air Jordan 11 is GOAT (greatest of all time). No Brad, you are the GOAT.

2. The Air Jordan 11’s sole does not taste very nice.

3. The only time Brad Hall will wear these shoes is to his funeral.

4. Brad created a revolutionary method to execute an “on-feet” look without even wearing the shoes.

We are still curious though. Who exactly is Brad Hall and is he related to Jordan Brand in anyway? Only time will tell. Check out his previous sneaker unboxing video here.

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