Calpis Milkshake Now Served at McDonald’s Restaurants in Japan

Calpis Milkshake Now Served at McDonald’s Restaurants in Japan

Calpis milkshake is now a thing, almost 100 years after the beverage was first created.


Photo: The McShake’s adorable packaging/Rocket News

Calpis milkshake, known as the McShake, is now available across McDonald’s restaurants in Japan.

The McShake is available until mid-July and costs 120 Yen (approx. S$1.50) for a small sized drink and 200 Yen (approx. S$2.50) for a medium sized drink.

Calpis milkshake was introduced as part of McDonald’s Japan’s McSWEETS line, which offers desserts different from those available on the regular menu.

Calpis is an uncarbonated Japanese soft drink created in 1919. The beverage is produced by lactic acid fermentation and has a sweet and tangy flavor, similar to plain yogurt.


Photo: Texture of the Calpis McShake/Rocket News

For those curious and living nowhere near Japan, Rocket News has described the McShake to have a robust Calpis flavor with a thick creaminess typical with milkshakes.

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The summer special also comes in a paper cup decorated in the original color and design of the Calpis packaging. It is said to symbolize the Tanabata festival, marking the beginning of summer in Japan.

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