Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered: Why You Should Bother With This Skate Culture Exhibition 

Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered: Why You Should Bother With This Skate Culture Exhibition 

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Your work is largely inspired by comics and underground music. How similar are these sub-cultures to skateboarding?
Skateboarding played a huge role in my formative years. I loved every part of it. The skate videos that I used to watch back then had a killer soundtrack, which coincidentally were of the metal, punk rock and hip hop genre. I was introduced to a lot of underground music via these skate videos. I’m not particularly influenced by comics per se, but the art on some of these skateboards were pretty far out and that was the kind of art that I was into. So it’s all quite connected.

How will you incorporate “issues concerning the human society” into your work at Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered?
Everything I do is a reflection of my own environment and the human condition. For the work that I’m presenting, I am re-introducing the characters that have played a role in some of the narratives from my recent work.

What else have you got lined up for 2016?
I have a couple of exhibitions and projects lined up this year. One of the projects that I’m currently working on involves bringing my characters to life, away from their usual 2D selves. Hopefully that will all go according to plan and I will be able to present it sometime in the middle of this year.

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