Chinatown Market teams up with Conan O’Brien for a special collaboration

Chinatown Market teams up with Conan O’Brien for a special collaboration

The collaboration comes just in time for ConanCon 2019, an on-the-road show which sees Conan O’Brien making his presence felt at the ever-popular Comic-Con in the US.


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The Chinatown Market x ConanCon collection features Conan-themed jackets, t-shirts, pants, and even a pillow.

Every year, Conan O’Brien heads to the world famous Comic-Con in San Diego and interviews the celebrities who headline that event – like the casts of Game of Thrones and Aquaman – for the ConanCon edition of his talk show. This year, ConanCon is pulling out all the stops to take the show to greater heights, starting with its own merch line. Streetwear brand Chinatown Market recently teased an unexpected and exclusive ConanCon-themed collection comprising jackets, t-shirts and other accessories.

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The pieces combine the iconic silhouette of the redhead host’s hair with Chinatown Market’s playful touch. The collaboration is probably best embodied by the streetwear label’s famous smiley face t-shirt sporting the signature Conan hairstyle. The highlight piece though is the work jacket, which has a neon sign-style Conan O’Brien face on the back and a “Conan” logo on the front.

Sadly, for all you Conan fans, there is no official release date or pricing as yet. We will just have to keep our eyes peeled for news.

What you think of this unlikely Chinatown Market x ConanCon collaboration? Let us know in the comments.

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