Apparel May 4, 2017   |  WORDS: John Yong

Russian Women Wear Cleavage-Baring T-Shirts to Show Support for Putin

Looks like things are perking up for President Vladimir Putin.

Russian women are encouraged to wear these revealing t-shirts to show support for President Putin.

Designed by patriotic youth group ‘Project Set’, they aim to rack up some points for the president ahead of the 2018 presidential election.

Some designs feature the Russian strongman holding a cut-out heart with his hands, while others show a side profile of his head. All of which expose the cleavage of the wearer.

“Putin is a long-term famous brand and not just a politician,” said designer and pro-Putin supporter Ilya Sadalskikh. “Just a portrait of the President on a T-shirt is not surprising anymore.”

“Many young designers who are working in the field of patriotic fashion are looking for their own unique angle or a fresh idea. We think we have found one. Time and demand will prove if we are right or not,” added Ilya.

In any case, this is one sure way to stay ‘abreast’ of the competition. Please click here to see more designs.

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