Conor McGregor Retires, Pulls Out From UFC 200

Conor McGregor Retires, Pulls Out From UFC 200

Looks like we won’t be seeing “The Notorious” performing in the Octagon anymore, as Conor McGregor retires in a sudden decision.

Conor McGregor Retires, Pulls Out From UFC 200

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor retires from the sport that has made him a millionaire.

The Irishman tweeted several hours ago that he has “decided to retire young”, leaving fellow fighters and fans bewildered.

It seems that there is truth to the shock announcement. UFC President Dana White just revealed that McGregor has been pulled from its headlining event, UFC 200, slated for July 9th.

The event was meant to be a re-match against Nate Diaz, following McGregor’s loss against him at UFC 196.

According to UFC, “the decision was made by the promotion after McGregor informed UFC officials that he would not participate in any promotional activities, including a commercial shoot and press conferences.”

The news has shaken up the world of MMA. McGregor was instrumental to its sharp rise over the past year.

His trash talking and exciting fighting ability created a huge fan base for the sport. Adversaries were shifty whenever they fought against him.

But the hype train came to a screeching halt when McGregor lost to Diaz.

Now it looks like the UFC will be scrambling to find a replacement fight for Diaz, and in the grand scheme of things, a fighter with a larger-than-life personality similar to McGregor to represent the sport.

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