Delete Yourself off the Internet, it’s Possible

Delete Yourself off the Internet, it’s Possible

Going through a quarter-life/midlife crisis? Running away from crazy ex? Suddenly called in to join the Secret Service? If you’ve ever needed a way to ghost the Interweb, here’s how.

Delete is your answer to wiping your online existence clean.

Launched just this month, promises to delete – if not all – the unnecessary traces of your presence on the Internet. It also claims to protect your user privacy.

All it takes is keying in your Gmail account. Once has access to your Gmail, it will draw up a list of all the sites and apps you’ve downloaded or signed up for using that account – no matter how long ago you last logged in. You can then select to either keep or delete your account on those sites.

If you’re worried about user privacy, well, was created to mitigate problems arising from the lack of privacy, so none of the account matching is done over the Internet. Instead, it’s done on your computer instead by pulling out the account status list and the Google OAuth login.

Scroll to continue with content is currently only available to those with Gmail only, so bear in mind that it won’t work with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. But hey, we know our Gmail is a pretty good place to start scrubbing our e-slate clean.

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