Dent Wingman Backpack: 5 Reasons It’s the Ultimate Sneaker Backpack

Dent Wingman Backpack: 5 Reasons It’s the Ultimate Sneaker Backpack

Sneaker storage and a whole lot more, here are 5 reasons why we think the Dent Wingman backpack is the best travel companion for carrying sneakers, clothing and gadgets.

1) The Dent Wingman is made from Cordura material


Heavy-duty Cordura fabric, a standard in today’s adventure backpacks, is what’s used to construct the Dent Wingman. Cordura is built to last, resistant to tears, scruffs and abrasions, and even keeps moisture out with its water-resistant properties. Rain or shine, Cordura’s the way to go if you wanna keep your belongings safe from the elements.

2) Sneakers get a dedicated storage compartment


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The Dent Wingman features a versatile and dedicated sneaker storage compartment that can accommodate sneakers of various shapes and sizes. If you’re a big guy with huge feet, you’d be pleased to know that this bag can fit up to size US15 sneakers! It stores up to three pairs of sneakers, and also includes two adjustable dividers to keep your sneakers nestled in place, which means no unnecessary shifting while you’re on the go. 

3) It is lined, padded and ventilated to keep sneakers looking good as new


Transporting sneakers is a delicate process, and more often than not, stuffing sneakers in a bag would result in dirt marks and god forbid, permanent scuffs. Not good if you’re a stickler for deadstock pairs. Fortunately, the sneaker storage compartment in the Dent Wingman comes fully padded, fleece-lined and side-vented to ensure that kicks stay in their original condition and smell as fresh as they did on day one.

4) The backpack stores enough clothes for a weekend trip


A backpack is of little use if it only stows sneakers. The Dent Wingman has set aside ample space for a change of clothes, good enough for short trips out of town. We managed to throw in a couple of tees, shorts and socks with no issues at all. The clothes compartment also comes with zippers, so your precious streetwear won’t spill out when you open the bag.

5) Pockets, pockets everywhere


We like that storage spaces in the Dent Wingman are compartmentalized. The bag comes with a smaller zipped pocket to store toiletries and even sneaker cleaning kits. A hidden front pocket stores larger belongings such as a tablet and passport. Over at the back, a zipped sleeve beneath the mesh back support lets you slip in a 15-inch laptop. Truly a one-bag wonder.

The Dent Wingman Backpack is priced at S$229, with free shipping within Singapore. Purchase it from Dent’s webstore here.

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