Die Hard Lover, Oak & Bindi’s Fashion Label, is an Expression of “Feeling Through Product”

Die Hard Lover, Oak & Bindi’s Fashion Label, is an Expression of “Feeling Through Product”

Artist Oak & Bindi (Lydia Yang) launches her second collection for DHL – Die Hard Lover.

All photos courtesy of Die Hard Lover

Die Hard Lover (DHL) is a fashion label by Singapore based artist Oak & Bindi (Lydia Yang). Its second collection drops September 16 at Actually Store.

Most people know Lydia from her work with Tell Your Children, but DHL is a solo project that marries her passion for design with her love for fashion.

Lydia tells us DHL gets its name from fashion’s sudden moment of inspiration from companies that provide seemingly mundane services that have nothing to do with fashion. Think Vetements and DHL (the actual logistics company) and such.

“The aesthetics of DHL and other long running companies such as 3M, TDL, GOODYEAR, etc., have somehow been popularized because it was never considered cool. I felt inclined and inspired speak a similar conversation in the lineage of Vetements, A-COLD-WALL by Samuel Ross, as well as Off-White, while making sure the direction and art was still my own,” said Lydia.

The second collection, titled “Traits of a Gemini”, comprises four t-shirt designs, Shinola notebooks and tote bags made in collaboration with Unusual Felines, a Singapore based crafter.

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“Traits of a Gemini” is a name that alludes to the number “2”. Incidentally, Gemini happens to be Lydia’s star sign.

“I took the abbreviation “DHL” and put human feelings into it, to add a certain warmth to the brand, if you may. To clash emotion and human behavior with constructs like rules, timelines, structure, and functionality,” she explained.

Die Hard Lover “Traits of a Gemini” will be available for purchase from Actually store Singapore (#03-08 Orchard Gateway) and online from Saturday, September 16.

Keep up with Lydia on Instagram.

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