Major Key Alert: That’s a Real Lion on DJ Khaled’s New Album

Major Key Alert: That’s a Real Lion on DJ Khaled’s New Album

From a real lion pictured on the album cover, to a list of impressive contributing artists, DJ Khaled’s newest album Major Key is poised to be a big deal.

DJ Khaled’s big on being the real deal, which explains why he got an actual lion to feature on the cover of his latest album, Major Key.

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, DJ Khaled unveiled the eye-catching cover of his latest album, Major Key. True to his over-the-top personality, the album cover features DJ Khaled sitting on a throne surrounded by flowers, with a mean-looking lion sitting close by.

When his insurer expressed concerns over such an arrangement, DJ Khaled responded accordingly, saying “don’t ever play yourself, my fans want to see the real deal”.

“The album cover is 100 percent…authentic of what I represent,” he told Kimmel. “From my spiritual vibes to my beliefs and not just that, a certain energy that I keep around me…positivity but at the same time, as a king.”

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Major Key, which is releasing on July 29th but is now available as a pre-order from iTunes, saw its first single “For Free” reaching the Billboard charts.

The latest single, “I Got The Keys”, features the vocals of Jay Z and Future, with cameos by several notable artists, among them Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Pusha T:

Besides discussing his upcoming album, DJ Khaled took the opportunity to proclaim that he’ll be posting the birth of his baby boy on Snapchat, a social media platform that he’s been hooked on.

The DJ also talked about his recent encounter with President Obama, calling the latter “The Don” and reminiscing about the man-to-man “this is 100% it” chat he shared with the Pres.

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