Japanese Donald Trump Parody Ad Goes Viral

Japanese Donald Trump Parody Ad Goes Viral

Cutesy J-pop inspired music, crazy visuals and Donald Trump as you’ve never seen him before. Yup, this parody video has it all.

A parody ad that sees Donald Trump becoming “World President” has gone viral.

Donald Trump’s not the most likable person, considering the countless inflammatory remarks he has made while on his presidential campaign trail – probably the reason why video director, Mike Dahlquist, decided it’d be fun to juxtapose cutesy J-Pop inspired music, unicorns and rainbows with Trump in a parody ad.

The ad sees a Japanese fan girl’s idolatry of Trump going into overdrive. It’s 60 seconds of techno-pop mixed with ludicrous Trump imagery. At one point he turns into a giant robot that flies into orbit and destroys the whole planet with stunning lasers.

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Dahlquist, who goes by the handle Mike Diva on YouTube, spent US$1,000 and spent a month creating the ad. “I’m definitely a huge fan of Japan’s quirky advertising, pastel colors and I’m definitely not a Trump supporter,” he told The Daily Beast.

Comments from viewers are funny in their own right, with one calling the video “both disturbing and delighting at the same time” and another saying that he’d “vote for Trump just because of how cool this video is”.

If you’re hooked on the track, Dahlquist has you covered. It’s available on Spotify and iTunes, though we think it only sounds best when paired with the Donald Trump video.

Source: The Daily Beast

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