Could Dover Street Market Singapore Be Opening Sooner Than We Think?

Could Dover Street Market Singapore Be Opening Sooner Than We Think?

A Dover Street Market Singapore Instagram account that surfaced last night got us thinking that the long wait for the store to open might finally be over.


It’s been over half a year since we first reported that a Dover Street Market Singapore store was set to open at Dempsey Hill. Little news has come up since – till now.

Just when our hopes have started to falter, an Instagram account popped up, modeled after the main Dover Street Market account as well as respective stores from other countries.

However, we have our doubts, especially since the Instagram page seems to have very few followers and the link “” is broken.

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Perhaps this is a primary set-up, or possibly even just a sham. Just to be sure, we followed the account and have begun keeping tabs on it.

We’ve also reached out to Dempsey Hill, where the Dover Street Market in Singapore has been said to be located at, but have yet to receive a reply.

Meanwhile, we’ll just have to wait. Tune in for updates and don’t hesitate to reach out via if you have any tip-offs.

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