Watch: Ed Sheeran’s Ridiculous “Carpool Karaoke” Episode

Watch: Ed Sheeran’s Ridiculous “Carpool Karaoke” Episode

Ed Sheeran stars in The Late Late Show’s latest Carpool Karaoke segment.

Watch James Corden rapping in the middle of Ed Sheeran’s “Sing” and the duo cramming their mouths with Maltesers.

The latest Carpool Karaoke episode had a number of Ed Sheeran fans buzzing. The pop star, along with funnyman host James Corden spent most of the segment singing to Justin Bieber and One Direction songs – as well as showcasing Sheeran’s other, non-musical related talents.

Together, the duo sang snippets of Sheeran hits such as “Shape of You”, “Castle On The Hill” to name a few. The descent to hilarity begins with Corden rapping to Sheeran’s “Sing” before singing to the notable Bieber hit “Love Yourself”.

After all the singing, Corden then challenges the pop musician to a Malteser challenge. To which Sheeran promptly managed to fit 55 chocolate malt balls into his mouth, with ease. Corden, on the other hand, is seen spitting his measly sum of 26 Malteser balls.

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Sit back and watch the video above. There’s nothing like a down to earth Carpool Karaoke segment to unwind the day with.

For those interested in the Malteser ball challenge, skip ahead to the 3:30 mark.

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