Eminem “Stan” Merch: First Look

Eminem “Stan” Merch: First Look

Eminem Stan merch in the works, according to the rapper’s Instagram post.

Featured image: Instagram/@eminem

Updated: November 6, 10.55am (GMT+8)

The Eminem “Stan” collection is now available online. The collection features three pieces of apparel including a hat, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. All pieces will come in white and features an embroidery with the word “Stan”.

Items from the collection are priced from US$20 (approx. S$27.30) to US$55 (approx. S$75).  Click here to purchase pieces from the limited edition collection.

Updated: November 3, 6.30pm (GMT+8)

The rapper has uploaded a second teaser showcasing part of the “Stan” collection. It looks like the collection will feature an embroidered white cap and t-shirt.

Prices have yet to be revealed but keep an eye out on Straatosphere for more information.

Eminem has taken to Instagram to tease his upcoming “Stan”-themed merch. The Instagram post, uploaded on November 2, is a photo of a “Stan” embroidered cap placed on a dirty sink.

Also in the shot are a pair of latex yellow gloves and a bottle of cleaning detergent, (possibly hydrogen peroxide), but we don’t think these are part of the actual collection.

The Instagram post caption encourages fans to visit shop.eminem.com, where they can sign up for first dibs on the Eminem “Stan” merch, which, according to UpRoxx, may also include apparel pieces such as shirts and hoodies.

Also part of the caption is the Oxford Dictionary definition of “Stan”, which refers to an obsessive fan. The term came about after Eminem’s 2000 hit song “Stan”, which is a first person narrative of a fan obsessed with Eminem.

As always, check back with Straatosphere for more details on the Eminem Stan merch.

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