These Episodic Game of Thrones Posters are Must-Haves

These Episodic Game of Thrones Posters are Must-Haves

An artist creates episodic Game of Thrones posters that sum up individual episodes pretty well. Read on to find out how you can get one (or all) of them.

Amazing Game of Thrones posters from artist Fernando Reza perfectly capture the spirit of each individual episode.

He pays homage to the epic HBO series Game of Thrones with a series of posters that perfectly frame the impact of each episode. The posters are given the vintage treatment and fresh designs will be released every week leading up to the season finale.

With the Internet flooded with Game of Thrones spoilers, seeing fan-made creations that don’t spoil the surprise as much is certainly a welcoming relief.

To see the full collection or purchase the posters, head over to the artist’s website.

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