This Euro 2016 Web App Has All the Stats Armchair Experts Need

This Euro 2016 Web App Has All the Stats Armchair Experts Need

Every single statistic conceivable has been put into visual analysis in this Euro 2016 web app.


Information such as historical data, win/loss ratios, and even the average goals per match can be found in this Euro 2016 web app.

Created by visual analytics company Qlik and ACSSI, the app is a go-to resource centered on the UEFA Euro tournament.

Qlik European Championships App is laden with data on teams and players from 1960 to present day, and offers football fans the chance to visualize, analyze and compare their favorite teams and players. Through such data, fans can assess their team’s chances in this year’s competition (if they haven’t been knocked out already).

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The web app is updated throughout the tournament, providing near real time updates on team rankings.

There’s also a quiz section to test one’s knowledge and a storytelling section with lesser-known nuggets of information such as the number of yellow and red cards given out in the history of the championships.

Be an armchair expert today and check out the web app here!

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