Facebook to Create App for Social Media Influencers

Facebook to Create App for Social Media Influencers

Facebook has more planned for content creators and influencers.


Photo: Mashable

The app was first announced by product director Daniel Danker last weekend, at Vidcon.

According to Mashable, the application is partly an update for Facebook Mentions, an app available only to verified accounts on Facebook.

Unlike Facebook Mentions, the new app focuses more on the creator. Besides access to Facebook Live, it also features a Live Creator Kit, where content creators will have access to special tools that include adding intros and outros to videos.

Custom frames and stickers will also be available to help them jazz up their videos.

Other features content creators might find interesting include more access to insights such as the number of people watching and for how long. Additionally, the new app will include newer methods for creators to interact with their audiences. This will be available in its new “Community Tab”.

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The news should not come as a surprise as Facebook has shown interest in creating a more video-oriented destination. The website announced its interest in releasing television-style shows last May as well as recruiting YouTube stars and vloggers for its website (source: Mashable).

Facebook’s new app is speculated to launch at the end of the year. Like Facebook Mentions, the new application will be available only to verified accounts and pages.

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