Facebook Testing Out Dislike Button for Messenger

Facebook Testing Out Dislike Button for Messenger

Facebook is finally testing out the dislike button so you can let your feelings show.

Photo: Techspot

Soon, a “Dislike” reaction will be added to Facebook’s repertoire of Messenger Reactions. The reaction will be depicted in emoji form with a thumbs down.

Currently in beta-testing phase, Messenger Reactions will also host a range of other reactions that Facebook users are currently familiar with such as “Like”, “Love”, “Happy”, Sad”, etc.

According to TechCrunch, the dislike button has been Facebook’s most requested button, but the social media platform has been reluctant to add the dislike button for fear of introducing negativity. As such, the dislike button, when implemented, will not be available for use outside of Facebook Messenger.

No information as to when the dislike button will make its appearance on Facebook, but when it does, you can finally let your feelings show.

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