WhatsApp Introduces Status, a Snapchat-Style Feature

WhatsApp Introduces Status, a Snapchat-Style Feature

Six months after the launch of Instagram Stories, another Facebook-owned application, WhatsApp, follows suit by rolling out a similar update called Status.

Status allows WhatsApp users to upload photos and videos as a 24-hour stream, which is similar to Snapchat.

Launched today, ahead of WhatApp’s 8th birthday later this week, the Status feature, similar to Instagram Stories, enables users to share media as a customizable stream using WhatsApp Camera, which made its debut in October 2016.

Users can modify their photos and videos with emoji, text and illustrations. They can then upload it to their Status update, which will be shared with all their contacts. They can also opt to view the Status of individual contacts and reply to them privately.

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According to WhatsApp, all media hosted on Status will be end-to-end encrypted. It claims photos and videos shared aren’t being stored or accessed by anyone outside of their contacts.

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