Your WhatsApp Texts Can Be Made into a Book

Your WhatsApp Texts Can Be Made into a Book

Get all of your embarrassing, late-night WhatsApp conversations chronicled into a book.

Zapptales, a service that allows you to document your WhatsApp texts in physical form.

Whether a fond memory, drunk texts, or the casual “what you wearin ;)” hit-ups from your boo thang, Zapptales can document it all and have it bound and delivered to your doorstep.

“For many of us, WhatsApp has become a running commentary to our lives. Here, we share all sorts of small and big moments with those close to us. Really, it’s the modern form of keeping a diary,” Anna from Zapptales tells Dazed in an interview. “At the same time, it is also not just about ourselves – but about those we chat with.”

Zapptales came about when co-founder Daniel, whose family is spread across various countries and cities, experienced the joy of his sister having her first baby through photos and texts on WhatsApp.

Unconvinced that a mere digital archiving of these precious memories was enough to keep them alive, Daniel felt that his niece/nephew’s entrance into the world deserved something more. And thus, the idea for Zapptales was born.

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Zapptales is also a cinch to operate. First, choose from various layouts for your book. Next, export your chat log through iCloud and email it to Zapptales. From there, your chats are uploaded to the Zapptales site, where you can edit and add subtitles to the chats.

According to Zapptales, the entire process, is fully encrypted and automated. Chats can be removed manually; otherwise, they are deleted 14 days after the last login.

Unknowingly, you’ve been the author of your very own Book of Life.

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