Facebook Determined to Beat Snapchat with Filters

Facebook Determined to Beat Snapchat with Filters

Facebook is planning on making Snapchat-style, Facebook filters to win users over.

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Source: Engadget

Facebook filters will be the social media giant’s next move to challenge Snapchat.

To that end, Facebook has acquired FacioMetrics, a face recognition start up that will help the social media platform delve deeper into augmented filters. FacioMeters is known for developing software that can detect up to seven different emotions.

As it stands, Facebook filters are only available to iOS users in the U.S, U.K and New Zealand through its app Messenger Day. Its acquisition of FacioMetrics is an indication of Facebook’s plan to roll out filters through the app globally.

facebook wants to release facebook filters

Source: Engadget

Like Snapchat, Messenger Day allows users to send videos and Snapchat-style stories to Facebook friends.

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In addition to filters, Facebook is also looking into developing technology to allow users to like or dislike posts through their facial reactions.

All said, it’ll be a big win for Facebook if it manages to pull off the above. After all, Snapchat has recently been copping heat for its racist filters.

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