Fashion and culture podcasts to keep on rotation

Fashion and culture podcasts to keep on rotation

Listen and learn from these fashion and culture podcasts, the perfect substitutes for tired music playlists.

Fashion and Culture Podcasts

Sick of the music you’ve been listening to on repeat? Podcasts can be a welcome substitute.

With so many podcasts available online, it may be daunting to find the ones worth your time. Here are four of our favorite fashion and culture podcasts to help you get started.

Podcasts have been steadily growing in popularity, evidenced by the sheer number of them. Aside from the diverse and engaging content, one reason for this popularity is how listening to podcasts allows us to multi-task and go about our busy lives. Given the plethora of podcasts out there, you’re highly likely to find one that matches your interests. Here are four of our favorite fashion and culture podcasts to kickstart your playlist.

1. Failing Upwards

Failing Upwards Podcast

Failing Upwards follows Grailed’s brand director Lawrence Schlossman and Def Jam Vice President of Content James Harris as they interview guests ranging from actor Jonah Hill to fashion heavyweights such as Mortdechai “Mister Mort” Rubinstein and John Geiger. What makes the show so fun to listen to are the hosts’ sarcastic humor that occasionally riles up guests, and their daring questions, like asking guests how much money they make! We recommend checking out the episode with Union LA founder Chris Gibbs to get a taste of what to expect.

Listen here: Spotify | Apple

2. Bodega Boys

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The Bodega Boys by Desus Nice & The Kid Mero

From starting out at the Complex Magazine offices to having their own daily show in the US now, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have come a long way. On top of this success, their podcast, Bodega Boys, is going stronger than ever. The duo don’t hold back as they give their comedic takes on everything pop culture. Expect to hear hilarious accounts of living in the shady parts of New York, jokes ridiculing famous celebrities, and even a debate over why the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish is the worst, yet the best.

Listen here: Spotify | Apple

3. The Dropcast

Fashion and Culture Podcasts Dropcast

Dropcast by Jian DeLeon & Noah Thomas

In The Dropcast, hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas of Highsnobiety share their insights on what fashion has to offer as they discuss the latest runway style trends and must-cops. The podcast also has a question and answer segment that sees the hosts responding to voicemail questions from listeners like “What is the best streetwear brand in LA?” and “Is Supreme still a skate brand?”

Listen Here: Spotify | Apple

4. Maekan

Maekan by Alex Maeland & Eugene Kan

From former Hypebeast editorial and creative directors Eugene Kan and Alex Maeland comes Maekan – a podcast that tells the stories of captivating individuals around the world and addresses important topics often ignored by the media. Some prominent episodes include a discussion on mental illness with musician Mike Shinoda and delving into China’s underground basketball scene. In addition to this, the many wholesome conversations they have with pioneers of different industries offer lessons and inspiration for budding creators.

Listen here: Spotify | Apple

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