Fear Of God’s 101 Shoes Look Just Like Vans Sneakers

Fear Of God’s 101 Shoes Look Just Like Vans Sneakers

The Fear Of God 101 shoes look just like Vans Era sneakers. 


“california design, italian craftsmanship, timeless solution” – @jerrylorenzo

Fear Of God designer, Jerry Lorenzo, recently shared a photo of the forthcoming 101 shoe. Even an untrained eye can tell they look awfully similar to Vans Era sneakers.

Jerry Lorenzo took to Instagram just nine hours ago to post a picture of Fear Of God’s latest sneaker that is set to drop before the brand’s sixth collection. What’s most striking about the sneaker is its undeniable resemblance to Vans Era sneakers.

Why Fear Of God would make such a move is surprising, considering the brand has officially collaborated with Vans in the past, even using the Era silhouette as a base for one of the designs in the pack.

Nonetheless, it seems Lorenzo is fully confident of the Fear Of God 101 sneakers. In his caption, he writes: “california design, italian craftsmanship, timeless solution”. 

On the upside, the Fear Of God 101 does offer a sleek silhouette and it’s a minimalist’s dream. The neutral colorway and soft textures play into the luxury of Fear Of God’s collections. And, if anything, while Vans sneakers are designed in California, they’re certainly not crafted in Italy. 

If you can get past the Vans Era similarity, you’ll be glad to know that the 101s are set to be released in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on exact release dates and details.

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