Learn How to Create Techno Music Using a Fidget Spinner

Learn How to Create Techno Music Using a Fidget Spinner

Finally, someone puts a fidget spinner to good use.

Watch as music producer Andrew Huang composes techno music using both a fidget spinner and fidget cube.

YouTuber Andrew Huang is known for making music out of everyday items such as red balloons and g-string underwear. Now watch as the latest trend, i.e. fidget toys, get turned into techno music.

Titled ‘Fidget Spinner Fidget Cube Music’, the video details Huang’s obsession with the trendy toys as well as a short tutorial on creating music out of fidget spinners.

The trick is to spin the fidget toy on an angle directly above the microphone. After which you’d have to isolate any background noise captured during your spin session using a music editing software.

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To add some flesh to the deep whirring sound produced by the fidget spinner, Huang threw in a couple of clicking sounds created by the spinner’s predecessor, the fidget cube.

Watch the video and grab that spinner of yours! You can spend the night composing your very own fidget toy song.

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