This FIFA 17 Teaser Ad is a Throwback to the Game’s Early Days

This FIFA 17 Teaser Ad is a Throwback to the Game’s Early Days

This trailer for FIFA 17 shows just how far the game series has come over its 23-year history.

Electronic Arts (EA) takes fans and gamers down memory lane with its latest FIFA 17 ad, made from a montage of snippets from the FIFA game over the past two decades.

To promote its upcoming video game, EA put together clips from its earlier FIFA titles, where pixelated graphics were a norm and character likeness was non-existent.

It then runs through the series’ developments over the years, culminating in a quick flurry of shots showing the stunning graphics FIFA 17 will have.

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The soon-to-be-released video game will be powered by Frostbite, the same gaming engine seen on other hot titles like Battlefield, Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront.

Greater realism can be expected from the new engine. That, coupled with motion-capture contributions by real-life footballers like Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard and Marco Reus, and FIFA 17 could very well be the most immersive football game yet.

More details are set to be revealed on June 12th, at the EA Play event. FIFA 17 is expected to hit the shelves on September 27th (USA) and 29th (global).

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