First Steam Game Awards to Debut December 2nd

First Steam Game Awards to Debut December 2nd

The gaming giant wants you to nominate games in the first Steam Game Awards.

The first Steam game awards to come this December

Steam will release the first Steam Game Awards this December. Fans can nominate good games in hilarious prize categories.

Steam is sick and tired of the same old game awards. To change things up a little, the gaming giant will be hosting its very first Steam game Awards on December 1st (US Time). Fans can now vote for their favorite games in categories including the “I’m Not Crying, There’s Something In My Eye” award, the “Whoooaaaaaaa, dude” award and our personal favorite, the “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” award.

Despite this, Steam has mentioned that they’re not quite sure how they’re going to decide on final nominees for the “We didn’t think of everything” category. According to Steam, the nominees will either be decided through public votes or “maybe they’ll put the games in a hat and select the best ones”. 

Those who choose to nominate will receive Steam badges that levels up as they progress through the nomination instructions. Acquiring the next level of steam badges will also gift the user 25 XP points. Experience points can be used in a myriad of ways including leveling up and grabbing Steam discount coupons.

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Additionally, Steam has also released a bunch of strange Steam Awards Art. Many are still unsure as to whether or not the artwork (or even categories) will make it to the first official ‘Steam Game Awards’ itself.

Start nominating, visit Steam now.

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