10 Terrifying Horror Games to Play This Halloween

Here are a couple of top-rated horror games, from both established and indie publishers, that will send shivers down your spine this Halloween.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Kicking off this list of horror games is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You take on the role of Daniel, a man who’s trapped in a castle with little memory of his past. Monsters lurk at every corner and as if that’s not bad enough, there are no weapons available at all. You’ll have to hide from the creatures or devise ways to bypass them to avoid certain death.

2. F.E.A.R.


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Borrowing elements from the Asian horror genre, F.E.A.R. starts off as a typical shooter but quickly develops into a full-blown scare fest. The main antagonist, Alma, is a morbid remnant of a human being who disguises her true appearance by showing up as a little girl. Her mind games are nothing compared to her physical capabilities, which include turning humans into dust and popping up when you least expect it.



The DOOM series of shoot-em-ups have been spectacular hits since the 90s, but this latest reboot takes the cake. Using a variety of classic and futuristic weapons, you go head to head with every hellish form of demon ever conceivable. The intense gameplay leaves little room for rest, forcing players to plunge straight into the mayhem and go on a killing frenzy as they take on each level.

4. Layers of Fear


Released earlier this year, Layers of Fear follows the journey of a renowned artist who’s teetering on the brink of insanity. Set in a Victorian mansion filled with grotesque paintings that will make just about anyone squirm, the game will leave you scratching your head and doing double takes as the surroundings shift and paintings become increasingly distorted.

5. The Walking Dead


The popular TV series of the same name spawned its own video game that comes with fresh and overlapping characters. Though the zombies don’t look as menacing as their TV counterparts, it’s the decision-making aspect of the game, which puts you in “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenarios, that truly sets the panic as you pick the best available option and hope for a favorable outcome.

6. Outlast


Much like Amnesia: The Dark DescentOutlast is all about survival without the convenience of weapons. Instead of outright monsters, you’ll be dealing with psychotic patients in a mental hospital, who look like they’ve been tortured past the point of no return. You’ll need to think on your feet and make snap decisions to survive and make it out of this nuthouse. If you do, the sequel that is Outlast 2, purported to be much scarier, awaits.

7. Alien: Isolation


Tons of games revolving around the Aliens franchise have been released over the years, but this particular title could be the best yet. Instead of being hunted by a horde of aliens, you face just one. Before you heave a sigh of relief, know that this xenomorph is thirsty for blood, as it systematically hunts you down in all ways possible. What you have are limited weapons and a motion tracker to detect its presence, so forget about pumping bullets into the alien and focus on making a quick escape instead.



Brought to you by the same developer as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this post-apocalyptic horror game is set in an underwater research facility that’s devoid of anything remotely normal. Instead, you’ll find mutated robot-human hybrids whose sole objective is to send you into oblivion.

9. Dead Space


One of the best sci-fi horror game titles ever to be released, Dead Space has you facing “necromorphs” — deformed, reanimated humans — who won’t stay down even with repeated blasts to the head. The infestation gets crazier at every turn, with these beasts springing out of the unlikeliest spots. Our advice? Tread carefully and stay away from the vents.

10. Alan Wake


Think of Alan Wake as a thriller novel fleshed out in video game form. It’s also one of the few psychological horror games that rarely rely on jump scares.  Enemies come in the form of possessed humans, animals and objects, and they are protected by a “darkness” aura that can only be removed by you shining a flashlight on them long enough to exorcise the evil, before dispatching them with a trusty pistol.

Which of these horror games are you looking forward to playing this Halloween? Drop us a comment below and tell us!

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