Forever 21 Sues Gucci, Flips the Script on the Luxury Brand

Forever 21 Sues Gucci, Flips the Script on the Luxury Brand

Forever 21 sues Gucci to fight back against a suit filed by the luxury brand against the fast fashion retailer.


Photo: One of the alleged copyright designs/The Fashion Law

Forever 21 sues Gucci in response to Gucci’s suit against the fast fashion retailer for using Gucci-inspired stripes, colors, and designs.

According to The Fashion Law, Forever 21 filed a declaratory judgment against Gucci due to the number of cease and desist letters the brand has received from Gucci.

In the suit, Forever 21 claims that Gucci does not have exclusive rights to the blue-red-blue and green-red-green colored stripes often featured in the luxury brand’s garments and accessories.

Naturally, some beg to differ. Paper Mag, for instance, claims the luxury brand has had a trademark on the pattern since 1988.


Photo: More Gucci inspired designs by Forever 21

Some context to the saga: Gucci first served F21 cease and desist letters in December 2016 for its use of the blue-red-blue stripes on three bomber jackets, one sweater, and a choker.

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The luxury brand sent F21 follow-up letters in January and February 2017 (Source: Hollywood Reporter).

Frustrated, F21 responded with its own suit against Gucci. And now, here we are.

In response to what has transpired, a Gucci spokesperson told The Fashion Law, “Forever 21’s reputation for being accused of profiting from the trademarks and copyrights of others, including Gucci, is well established.”

“Now, in an effort to distract from its own blatant infringements, Forever 21 is attempting to attack some of Gucci’s most famous and iconic trademarks. This will not deter Gucci from pursuing its own claims against Forever 21 as part of its ongoing commitment to the vigorous protection of its valuable intellectual property rights and distinctive brand identity.”

The case is ongoing.

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