Four streetwear forums for release information, news, and fashion inspiration

Four streetwear forums for release information, news, and fashion inspiration

New to streetwear? Here are four streetwear forums for you to check out.

1) Reddit

Streetwear Forums

With over 600 thousand readers, /r/streetwear is not a forum to scoff at. The fashion forum is a great provider of information for those looking for fashion inspiration, information on the latest drops, or simply a place to discuss what some mainstay streetwear grails are.

In November 2017, design student Dan Hart-Davies released the first fashion magazine based off the Reddit forum. The magazine was aptly named /r/streetwear and featured 98 pages (source).

Click here to visit /r/streetwear.

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2) Niketalk

Streetwear Forums

Niketalk has been credited as one of the original forums that helped boost streetwear’s current popularity and relevancy (source). In addition, some streetwear lovers also claim that the popular What Did You Wear Today (WDYWT) thread first stemmed from Niketalk (image below).

Streetwear Forums

Like its name suggests, the forum is devoted to sharing information solely related to Nike and Jordan Brand. A quick glance also revealed that Niketalk’s general forum boasts over 10 million messages. To date, Niketalk’s sub forums have expanded to include release information for Nike products around the United States, Canada, and the Phillippines.

Click here to visit Niketalk.

3) Kanye To The

Streetwear Forums

Kanye To The is a website created to unite Kanye West fans from all over the world. Incidentally, this is the website where members of American music group Brockhampton met (source).

A quick look at Kanye To The revealed some popular fashion subforums include ‘The Sales Thread’ as well as threads focused on various brands such as Supreme, Uniqlo, Palace Skateboards, and Off White to name a few.

Click here to visit Kanye To The.

4) Facebook 

Streetwear Forums

Screenshot of Facebook group ‘The Basement’

While the popular social media website is not a forum, Facebook is home to a number of great fashion groups that can double as discussion forums. Notable examples include The Basement which currently boasts over 75,000 members, Yeezy Talk Worldwide, OFF-WHITE TALK, and WDYWT? (WHAT DID YOU WEAR TODAY).

Those looking to connect with streetwear lovers around South East Asia can also check out; Sneaker Market SingaporeSingapore Sneakerz and Culture, SupremeTalkAsia, and AdiFans SG.

Click here to visit Facebook.

Featured image: GQ, Birmingham Mail, Pinterest

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