Frank Ocean fifth Album
Music Published: November 29, 2017 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Staff

Frank Ocean Probably Has a Fifth Album Ready, the Question is When Does it Drop?

Frank Ocean’s fifth album has been a long time coming.

Feature image: Grammy

Frank Ocean’s fifth album should have been out in October 2017, but nothing happened then. His recent social media posts, however, hint at the fact that the long awaited album may drop real soon.

According to Pigeons & Planes the proof is in the pudding, citing Ocean’s Tumblr post (see above) and one of his tweets dating back to 2012 (it reads “5 albums before 30.”).

Ocean turned 30 in October this year, and seeing as to how it’s already the end of November, these social media posts by the “Nikes” artiste have naturally led fans and the media to conclude that he has an album that’s ready and waiting to be dropped.

The release of the Frank Ocean fifth album is reminiscent of the release of Blonde, which was widely reported to drop in July 2015, but only ended up being released in August 2016.

It’s evident that Ocean has mastered not only music-making, but also that of the art of the tease.

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