Popular Instagrammer Fruit Stickers Accuses Off-White of Plagiarism

Popular Instagrammer Fruit Stickers Accuses Off-White of Plagiarism

Fruit Stickers (@fruit_stickers) is an Instagram account that curates stickers used to label fruit.

Featured image: Instagram/fruit_stickers 

According to Fruit Stickers, fashion brands Off-White and Gorman have plagiarized its curated content made up of fruit labels.

The popular Instagrammer brought the issue to light through an Instagram post it uploaded on Monday, October 30. “They ripped off my curatorial efforts, not my designs, and it’s simply lazy,” reads part of the post.

In a post on Reddit, Fruit Stickers has also written: “I’ve shared 600 stickers so far, but my physical collection spans thousands. I could have easily worked with either of these brands at the development stage.”

The Instagrammer alleges that Off-White has used its sticker curation on the Patches Down Jacket priced at US$4,839 (approx. S$6,609), while it accuses Gorman of using the sticker designs on a pair of leggings that will only be released in November.

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Curator equals designer? 

Some Redditors, however, are not convinced of the reasons for Fruit Stickers’ crying foul. Some have labeled the Instagrammer a hypocrite since the sticker designs are not original creations by Fruit Stickers. View an excerpt of the thread below:


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