G-SHOCK is giving you the chance to win a watch as part of its 35th anniversary celebration

G-SHOCK is giving you the chance to win a watch as part of its 35th anniversary celebration

Win a G-SHOCK watch via the WeTheGs contest, created to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary year.

Guess who the “G” is in each of the three part video series dubbed WeTheGs and stand to win a G-SHOCK watch.

G-SHOCK’s long-standing influence in the world of art, music, and fashion has not gone unnoticed. So it doesn’t surprise us to see the brand tap on these pillars to create the WeTheGs (#WeTheGs) contest as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations this year.

Three WeTheGs videos will be released over the course of the campaign. Each episode features brand collaborators (known as “Gs”) with their identities hidden behind masks. Your task? Make a guess who the “G” is and stand to win a G-SHOCK watch.

G-SHOCK Campaign

The #WeTheGs campaign contest part 1 concluded with one winner taking home a limited edition G-SHOCK GA-710 model anniversary watch

The first video in the series kicked off on September 13, but that round has since concluded. The contest is now into its second phase, which will run till October 14. Titled “WeTheGs Vol. 2: Shock Your Style”, the second video stars a masked female collaborator taking on the lead role. Fashion and chaos rule her life – but that’s about all the clues you get.

If you think you have an idea who that “G” might be, head to G-SHOCK’s 35th anniversary commemorative site to submit your answer by October 19. You might just walk away with a limited edition G-SHOCK DW-6900BB watch designed by the featured collaborator.

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The third and final video “WeTheGs Vol. 3: Shock Your Stage” will be released on the Casio Singapore YouTube account after Vol. 2 concludes, with the final contest running from October 15 to November 11. What’s up for grabs that round? The iconic DW-5600 watch model.

Bookmark this page for updates on the WeTheGs contest.

All images: G-SHOCK

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