Good Morning Tapes: Streetwear by DJ Biscuit with a spiritual touch

Good Morning Tapes: Streetwear by DJ Biscuit with a spiritual touch

Good Morning Tapes, the brainchild of DJ Biscuit, is a streetwear brand that pays homage to The Spirit.

Good morning tapes

Good Morning Tapes, which originates from the French town of Seignosse, is a collaborative effort between DJ Biscuit and underground designers and musicians.

Each collection comprises a small, limited batch of apparel. The current collection, which now retails in Singapore at Pasar Peninsula, includes a selection of sweaters, hoodies, tees and, of course, music tapes.

Good morning tapes

Good Morning Tapes makes a specific request with each collaborator that comes on board to pay homage to The Spirit, Gaia or Source, in their own unique way. This can be seen in the spiritual, almost tribal, designs and prints across the entire collection.

Good morning tapes

Among the collaborators include Misha Hollenbach aka DJ PERXX, co-founder of PAM and Fergus Purcell aka Fergadelic. Both of them have notable projects and collections under their belts.

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Misha Hollenbach has held multiple exhibitions, his latest one titled A.T.G.S. was part of the Utopian Slumps exhibit in Melbourne, Australia. His collection featured a series of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and collages, which push the boundaries of art and questioned the lines of an object.

Fergus Purcell, aka Fergadelic, is a graphic artist/designer who has personally remained relatively unknown, but his work has been featured on many runways. He has worked with brands like Marc Jacobs, Palace, Aries, and Silas, just to name a few.

Good morning tapes

With Misha and Fergadelic as collaborators, it is no wonder that the Good Morning Tapes collection is designed to be eclectic and out of the norm. Check out the collection at Pasar Peninsula at #01-34 Golden Landmark, Singapore.

What do you think of the Good Morning Tapes approach to streetwear? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

All images: Pasar Peninsula

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