#goodbyeButter: TBH, You’ll be Missed, TBF

#goodbyeButter: TBH, You’ll be Missed, TBF

Today, The Butter Factory reiterated an announcement it made earlier in September: From March 2015 onward, the club will be no more. Don’t believe the rumors of a relocation, this is #goodbyeButter on the real. Our editor pens a farewell note.

By Kim Hana

Straatosphere “The Big One” Anniversary Party

The Butter Factory: Best Night I Can’t Remember!

Dear TBF,

When you first broke the news on September 5th this year about your closure, we weren’t going to get weepy. After #SaveZouk and its eventual salvation, it seemed like TBF wasn’t truly going away either.

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Turns out you weren’t quite as lucky. Today, we received a press release – confirmation that the end of your lease at One Fullerton in March 2015 will mark the end of TBF’s nine-year run.


Straatosphere editor, Kim Hana, along with co-founder, Haikal Bakar, at the Art Bar Launch Weekend in July 2013

It read, “The Management would like to clarify that The Butter Factory will not be relocating & will end its 9 year run when the lease at One Fullerton is up. All talks about a possible new venue refer to a brand new concept that our team is conceptualizing. This new club will not be The Butter Factory.”

So this is really happening then. Another chapter closes on yet another institution.

You’ve always been kind to me. You were there through the ups and downs of my life. Here’s one for old times’ sake: It was 2011; I was fresh out of a relationship. Headed to TBF to get buttered and got picked up by an aspiring 18-year-old poker player (I said no). Oh, it was a low point in my life indeed, but I laugh thinking about it now.

Straatosphere “The Big One” Anniversary Party

Hana with Mike Neo who’s in charge of Brand Development and PR at Sweet Corn Co Ltd and our kickass readers at The Big One at Art Bar, TBF

In 2013, Straatosphere entered my life. We were just starting from the bottom when Fash was laid to rest and Art Bar was born. We partied and reveled in your success of breathing new life into the space with art, props and a good selection of hip hop.

When the time came for us to throw our own party to celebrate our first year milestone, you gave us the green light to use your space, no questions asked. You even helped direct us to the people who made the party so much better, which was what brought approximately 300 party people out to The Big One on July 5th this year.

You were the place to go to get lost, and you were the place to go to discover. I’ve found some great friends in the members of the TBF team both past and present.

TBH, you’ll be missed, TBF.

Thnks fr th Mmrs,

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