Google Offers New Google Play Music Subscribers Four Free Months

Google Offers New Google Play Music Subscribers Four Free Months

Google is offering a red hot promotion that might make you switch from other music streaming platforms.


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New Google Play Music subscribers will now receive an additional free month, on top of the usual 90-day free trial, when subscribing to the streaming platform.

Besides the four-month free trial, those subscribed to Google Play will also be able to access YouTube Red, as well as offline listening.

According to Google (image below), its music streaming platform currently hosts over 35 million advertisement free songs, similar to the number of songs provided by competitor, Spotify.

Once the four-month free trial is over, customers are entitled to unsubscribe from Google Play Music. Those interested in continuing the service can do so from US$9.99 to US$14.99 (approx. S$14 to S$21).


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The music streaming platform is currently available in over 60 different countries, not including Singapore or Malaysia.

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No word on how long the deal will remain active. But if you’re interested in checking out Google Play Music, now’s the time.

Click here for more information on Google Play Music’s availability. Those interested in signing up for Google’s music streaming service can do so, here.

Source: Android Police

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