Google x Luxottica: Fashionable Wearable Devices For The Future

Google x Luxottica: Fashionable Wearable Devices For The Future

Google’s partnership with Italian eyewear giant Luxottica looks to set new trends in fashionable, wearable devices.



Here’s a piece of news that will raise eyebrows: Premium eyewear-making group Luxottica has entered into a strategic partnership with tech giant Google to develop innovative and iconic eyewear based on the latter’s Glass technology.

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The partnership is spurred by what Andrea Guerra, Luxottica Group Chief Executive Officer, refers to as “a technology push and a consumer pull for wearable technology products and applications”.

Although no product has been released yet, the partnership will see the pairing of futuristic functionality with mainstream fashion and will bring about a new phase of wearable devices. After all, Luxottica is home to a suite of the most popular eyewear brands, from Prada and Chanel to Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Now you can browse a fashion catalog while on the go, or check out sneaker colorways while hanging with friends – the possibilities are endless. And the best part? We won’t have to wait too long to see the new offerings from Google x Luxottica; word is the new collection will hit the market in 2015. Keep a look out for it!

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