News June 13, 2017   |  WORDS: John Yong

Hairy Bathing Suit Lets You Proudly Flaunt Your Dad Bod

Turn some heads with this hairy bathing suit by Beloved Shirts.

My Summer bod is ready See what all the fuss is about đŸ˜”Link in bio

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The “Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit” features a superimposed image of a man’s hairy torso.

Are you ready to turn some heads this summer? Because with this bathing suit, you most certainly will.

Designed by Beloved Shirts, this hair-raising one-piece swimsuit comes with hairy nipples, man boobs, and a slight beer belly to attract all sorts of attention.

If you’re looking for everyday wear, the company also sells tracksuits and t-shirts with the same hairy printed design.

This attention-grabbing swimsuit is currently going for US$44.95 (approx. $62) and is available in three different skin tones.

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