Every Hero Skin from Overwatch’s Anniversary Event

Every Hero Skin from Overwatch’s Anniversary Event

Which hero skin is your favorite?

Overwatch celebrates its first birthday today. Here’s a look at the new hero skins that Blizzard will be releasing to commemorate the anniversary event.

Several of your favorite Overwatch characters will be receiving new cosmetics and legendary skins as part of the Anniversary event.

Some examples include ‘Cruiser’ D.Va, ‘Cyberian’ Zarya, ‘Beekeeper’ Mei, ‘Sentai’ Genji, and ‘Graffiti’ Tracer.

In addition to these skins, players can also look forward to new dance emotes, voice lines, and three new arena maps (they can be previewed here).

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The Overwatch Anniversary event kicked off yesterday and will be on till June 12, 2017.

Check out the video above, and let us know your favorite skin in comments below.

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