H&M and Google Lets Users Make Dresses with Smartphones

H&M and Google Lets Users Make Dresses with Smartphones

H&M joins forces with Google to bring about next wave in customized outfits with the Data_Dress.

Google and H&M join forces to create a savvy custom made dress by your very own smartphone – aptly named the Data_Dress.

The Data_Dress is simple to use. Simply download Google’s Android application, Snapshot API and enable it over the course of one week. The app will track and collect personal information such as the user’s surroundings, location, the user’s activity levels, as well as their personality.

According to Time, the phone will then design a unique pattern personalizing everything from the material, silhouette, down to the pattern of the dress. Your Data_Dress will then be available for purchase.

The project is currently helmed by H&M’s Group Digital Fashion House, Ivyrevel. Word has it that both the dress and application are expected to pass their alpha testing phase soon, and is speculated to enter its beta testing phase by the end of the year.

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It seems like wearable technology will be the hit new trend soon. We’ve already seen the hype and interest generated for Nike’s self-lacing Hyperadapt sneakers. Who knows, in time to come we might see more H&M helmed pieces custom made by the app soon.

H&M’s upcoming Data_Dress will cost users an affordable US$99 (approx. S$140.20). Pretty cheap for a groundbreaking prototype.

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