Hood By Air Takes a Hiatus, No One is Surprised

Hood By Air Takes a Hiatus, No One is Surprised

Cult streetwear label Hood By Air has announced it will be taking a hiatus in a press release issued yesterday.

Hood By Air

Photo: Vogue

Hood By Air’s official announcement about its hiatus has been a long time coming, especially after the brand cancelled its women’s show at Paris Fashion Week this year.

The press release issued Thursday said the label’s co-founders, Shayne Oliver and Leilah Weinraub, are occupied with independent projects – the former accepted a creative position at Helmut Lang in March, while the latter will be focusing on her film career.

The announcement was no surprise to fashion insiders. The last time HBA gained attention was when it partnered with PornHub for its Spring/Summer 2017 presentation.

Despite this being a rather clear signal that the glory days of HBA are over, the press release ends on an optimistic note, stating that the brand “will continue to fulfill its creative vision in the near future” (source: W Magazine).

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